• Local Attractions Overview

    Whilst staying at the Arinza Tower Quality Suites, why not experience the true Kuwait by visiting local souqs and landmarks around the city? There is so much to see and do that you will be spoilt for choice, with an abundance of interesting and cultured pursuits to immerse yourself in.
    In addition to luxurious shopping malls with top brand products at incredible prices, you can visit traditional Kuwaiti structures such as the old Seif palace or more modern buildings like the Kuwait Towers. If you want to take part in popular pastimes of Kuwait, you can even attend camel races and impressive falconry displays, the likes of which just cannot be found outside of the region.
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  • Duty Free Shopping

    While in Kuwait you can take advantage of the fantastic prices on a whole host of jewellery, perfumes, clothing and other such items. As Kuwait does not charge tax on imported items, you can find exceptional quality items at great prices, including prominent brands and top quality items.

    It is highly recommended that you take the time to look around the huge 32 000 square metre shopping mall attached to the international airport. With over 180 shops, restaurants, banks and hotels you will be spoilt for choice! The opportunity for you to find just what you have been looking for, and at a price you will love, should not be overlooked.

    Amazing Architecture

    There is much to see when visiting Kuwait, as the style of architecture present in the older buildings is completely unique to the region. Since the discovery of oil in the 1940s, the rapid expansion and economic growth of the country has meant that there are a great number of modern buildings being built that not only express a contemporary style but also maintain the traditional and cultural identity of Kuwait.

    If you are interested in the more traditional architecture it is recommended that you consider visiting the old Seif palace, as well as mosques and local souqs; whereas if you are looking to discover more about the modern style buildings then some great examples are the Kuwait Towers, Parliament buildings and the Souq Sharq.

    Camel Racing

    Known as the “Ships of the Desert”, camels are still very popular throughout the Kuwait and the Arab world, and so it is no surprise that camel racing is a very popular sport with meets being held in Kuwait from October to April. On your visit to Kuwait you can attend the Kuwait Camel Racing Club in Kabd to see just what the spectacle is all about, and with weekly races held every Saturday you will always be able to enjoy and experience this exciting and historic event.

    Camels from across the Gulf Cooperation Council are brought to race, and there are some great prizes on offer for the winners, including new vehicles and prize money, as well as golden swords and daggers!

    Kuwait Falconry

    Falconry has a long and impressive heritage in Kuwait, and has grown in popularity and prestige since its humble beginnings as a way to supplement a diet mostly consisting of dates, milk and bread. Nowadays it is a popular pastime of the wealthy in the Gulf states, and there are many world champions hailing from Dubai and other GCC countries.

    While staying in Kuwait you will be able to view a falconry display, highlighting the agility and intelligence of these incredible birds of prey. If you have never had the pleasure of witnessing a professional falconry display, you will find it hard to top what is on offer here!

    Outstanding Flavours

    While in Kuwait be sure to experience the delicious local food. A fantastic mix of Indian, Persian, Mediterranean and Najdi cuisine; the Kuwaiti dishes on offer range from mild to very spicy, and utilise a range of ingredients including many kinds of meat, fish, rice and spices. The national dish of Kuwait is known as machboos, which is either mutton, chicken or fish mixed in with a large mass of well cooked rice.

    When visiting Kuwait it is highly recommended that you head to the local restaurants and get a taste of real Kuwaiti delicacies. Spice mixes consisting of a blend of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper and paprika are common; and when combined with the traditional cooking methods you can truly experience the outstanding flavours of the country.

    Marina Beach

    The beaches of Kuwait City are some of the best in the world, and the perfect blue waters that lap at them are enjoyed by many people every day. One of the finest beaches in Kuwait is Marina Beach, situated nearby to Marina Crescent. Not only is there a stretch of beautiful sand for you to enjoy, but there are also a wide variety of amenities and points of interest for you to explore, such as play areas, inflatable slides, grassy areas, basketball courts, a skate park and, of course, a number of food and drinks outlets.

    If you just want to lie and relax in the warm sun, then this can also be arranged! The beach is large enough for you to find a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing you the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy peace and quiet in one of the most luxurious countries in the world.

    Kuwait Bay

    Kuwait Bay is the most prominent geographical feature of Kuwait, and is seen as a huge indent that leads to the principal Kuwait City. The bay is almost 40km in length, and is very important for providing shelter to the port of Kuwait. More importantly for visitors, however, is the fact that it is a very warm and pleasant body of water that is perfect for both swimming and boating.

    If snorkelling or diving sounds interesting to you, then the warm and shallow waters of Kuwait Bay will be perfect for you. There is much interesting oceanic wildlife to explore, as well as the opportunity to visit a fantastic reef known as Donkey Reef.

    On the other hand, if you would prefer to stay above water, then there is also the opportunity for you to enjoy a relaxing boat ride around the exquisite Kuwait Bay. Whether you want to just enjoy the time on the open water, or you are interested in visiting the nearby Failaka Islands, there is no better place to grab a perfect picture of the beautiful cityscape.